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  1. OK I was able to find where to purchase the 1 free week but do not see where it allows me to schedule my times – I am trying to start Monday at 5:30AM


  2. Sandra was going to check to see if the SWEAT2x code can apply to my membership. I did enroll on line but didn’t hear about it until I went to my first session.


    • As time goes by and we see the need, yes, we will try to put one on the schedule. I will forward your request to the head trainer to look into this for you. Thanks and SWEAT ON!

  3. go to sweatone.com and click on the ocean city calendar tab, in the right hand corner click on SIGN UP!
    on the NEW TO OUR SITE, enter your first and last name, hit NEXT
    create an account
    enter 1. contact information
    2. complete log in with email and password
    check the box – I AGREE WITH THE ABOVE TERMS

    go to online store – select the membership you would like in the shopping cart,
    check out, place order
    (you will receive an email confirmation on your order)

    then you are ready to schedule your class…
    there is a 24 hour advance scheduling policy


    You will receive an email confirmation and a reminder email

  4. S·W·E·A·T is a combination of Periodization, Functional Training methods and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Giving you the best most effective (and scientifically proven) ways to reach all of your health and fitness goals, regardless of your current conditioning or age. Training includes intervals of high-intensity exercise (anywhere from 15-60 seconds), followed by a low-intensity or rest interval. Sound familiar? Resistance/weight training involves short intervals of high-intensity exercise, such as a bench press, to muscle failure followed by a rest interval before attempting the next set. Your body will eventually adapt to your routine (plateau). You must periodically change variables of your workout in order to continue to see gains. S·W·E·A·T is designed to maximize your time in the gym, no matter what your goals are. Research shows that HIIT helps burn the stingy “brown fat” located around your organs and midsection. S·W·E·A·T will burn more calories during your workouts, and keep the body burning more fat and calories long after the workout is over (Up to 24 Hrs!). This metabolism (fat burning potential) boost is accompanied by production of HGH (human growth hormone) improving recovery time, immune system and slowing down the aging process. The fat burning and metabolism boost help target problem areas such as waist and hips, especially in FEMALES with a slower metabolism. Testosterone levels, in MALES, are increased while preserving and improving strength gains and muscle tissue all while drastically improving absolute and relative VO2 peaks (muscular endurance).

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